Insect protection frames in countless shapes

Our insect protection profiles are specially adapted to the respective subsequent frame shape and form the basis for stable & long lasting insect protection frames.
Standard shapes for windows & doors Custom shapes for doors & windows Standard shapes for basement light well covers Custom shapes for basement light well covers

Standard shapes for insect protection frames

We have developed a wide range of frame models for doors and windows to suit all common installation situations, leaving nothing to be desired. Whether in one, two or more parts, all insect protection frames are based on the following standard shapes:
Icon rectangle
Icon square

Custom shapes for insect protection frames

Almost all our insect protection products are also available as special shapes at an extra cost. We manufacture the suitable insect protection especially for your window or door according to your drawing. Also, other forms or special solutions can be produced, if they are technically feasible.

Extreme angular elements

Icon right angled triangle

Right angled

Icon isosceles triangle


Icon pentagon with  three right angles

Pentagon with
three right angles

Icon Quadrangle with two right angles

Quadrangle with
two right

Icon trapezoid

Curved elements

Icon segmental arch
Segmental arch
Icon round arch
Round arch
Icon circle
(min. 600 mm)

Standard shapes for light well covers

Rectangular is standard for all common installation situations.
Icon rectangle

Custom shapes for light well covers

We manufacture the appropriate protection for your light well according to your drawing. We check the technical feasibility of the basement light well solution.

Examples of custom shapes

The special solutions may be individual or in combination.
All special designs are per shape, per recess area or per cut out plus the surcharge.

Icon custom shape
Custom shape
icon recess area
Recess area
Icon cut out