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We offer a suitable form of cooperation for every woven supplier in the construction sector. Whether the pure distribution of our prefabricated elements, or partial production with machined profiles or the establishment of a complete in-house production – we offer you the appropriate support. Our insect protection system adapts flexibly to your business goals. If you have any further wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

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Prefabricated elements

The distribution of prefabricated elements is ideal for sales talents.
If you attach great importance to customer advice and support, but do not want to produce yourself, the prefabricated elements of the trittec system are ideal for your business.Your task is to advise the customer extensively about the possibilities and to take the measurements on site. trittec then produces the insect screen elements according to your specifications.Depending on the time of the year, the goods will be ready for dispatch within approx. 10 working days. The finished product is then packed in high-strength special film for safe transport and delivered directly to you or your customer by our own vehicles or qualified forwarding agents.After delivery, you attach the fittings included in the scope of delivery and assemble the elements at the customer’s premises. All elements are easy to install and maintain. With professional skill and intuition you can build up a lucrative business without capital expenditure and warehousing.

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Box systems

Box systems are ideal for trade businesses
who want to produce their own insect protection frames without having to invest heavily in extensive machinery and storage materials.In addition to advising and supporting your customers, your job is to finish the insect protection frames and assemble them for the customer.trittec supplies you with prefabricated profile blanks for your insect protection frames. You assemble the profiles into finished insect protection frames using the trittec MEV20 corner connector press and assembly materials developed in-house. You then assemble the frames at your customers’ premises. The simple assembly and maintenance of the insect protection frames enables you to satisfy your customers completely.

Profile blanks made to measure

The trittec box system includes profile cutting and drilling for the corresponding trittec insect protection frames. This means that trittec cuts the profiles to mitre according to your order dimensions and provides them with all the necessary holes, e.g. for handles or angle brackets, in the factory.The assembly material, such as fabric, corner angles, piping, screws and other small materials are not included in the scope of delivery of a box system, and these can be ordered from trittec. This avoids a large stock and storage on your part.

Short delivery times

Delivery times for boxed goods are shorter than for finished elements. This allows you to react more flexibly to customer inquiries. The profiles are ready for dispatch within 5 days of receipt of the order.If you have chosen a special colour, the delivery period can be postponed by 2 weeks due to the coating process. All profiles and ordered assembly materials are combined into one delivery if possible, securely packed and shipped directly to our trading partners by our own vehicles or qualified forwarding agents.
Presse zum verbinden der Profile mit dem Eckwinkel

Your Advantages


Independent & flexible as a professional insect protection manufacturer

For the partners who have decided to get more involved in insect protection production, the entire range of the trittec system is available, consisting of:

  • Profiles in 8 standard colours and optionally in any RAL colour
  • A variety of fabrics for every purpose
  • Components and tools

We can supply you with all the individual and small parts you need to manufacture each element from our range yourself.

As with the production with boxed goods, you need our corner connector press and additionally a mitre saw as well as further tools for milling, drilling and screwing the elements.

Small order units

The order units are deliberately kept small. Therefore, unmixed order units are available from 10 pieces of 5000 mm profile length. Of course, even the smallest quantities can be ordered.

Short delivery times

The profiles and consumables are ready for dispatch within 5 days of receipt of the order. If you have chosen a special colour, the delivery period may be postponed by 2 weeks due to the coating process.

All profiles and ordered assembly materials are combined in one delivery if possible, securely packed and delivered directly to you by our own vehicles or qualified forwarding agents.

Infografik Kooperation und Teamgeist bei trittec

Your Advantages

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