View of the company premises of trittec AG at the headquarters in Wittenförden (Germany)

Precision & an innovative spirit lead to more quality of life.

trittec AG not only stands for high quality insect protection solutions but has also made a name for itself worldwide as an innovative company in the field of highly effective preventive fabrics. With years of tireless work, the company founder and CEO Robert Krüger turned a simple manufacturing company into a modern, medium-sized company with a high level of innovation. With the right instinct for good ideas and motivated, clever employees, the company has succeeded in adapting to healthy, continuous growth.

All these achievements are based on our 6 principles, which we follow every day:

Transparency is our hallmark.

Transparent corporate communication
From the idea, to how we advise you, to production and installation – we live transparency. All information and work steps concerning the tailor-made trittec end products should be comprehensible and the quality ultimately must be convincing. Moreover, our insect protection solutions are hardly visible and offer brilliant through-vision with high definition optical properties. They owe this above all to our clever trittec system and the unique fabrics developed by us.

We are constantly researching to achieve better indoor air quality.

Industrialisation and high traffic density are causing ever-increasing air pollution with the finest particles. High levels of pollution are forcing more and more people to spend most of their time indoors. Prevention is therefore the main issue when it comes to healthy ventilation. Our insect protection solutions are intended to make your life easier and increase your well-being. We want you to be able to leave your windows and doors open and to breathe freely. Since 2008, we have been researching the development of highly transparent functional fabrics with the following goals in mind: To significantly reduce the number of penetrating, health-damaging particles (pollen, fine dust and insects), at the same time ensuring the highest possible air and light permeability and to guarantee a crystal clear and unclouded view to the outside. Together with recognised institutions and partners from industry, we work continuously to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our fabrics and to test them demonstrably.
Research utensils from the test lab

Quality is in every detail.

As with car enthusiasts, quality is in the little things
Each individual component must meet the highest requirements to ensure that the end product is convincing. We only use high quality, corrosion-free materials for our entire product range. Therefore, the trittec insect protection solutions impress not only with their amazing lightness but also with their long useful life, durability and stability. All system components are developed exclusively in Germany and processed into prefabricated elements. This enables us to guarantee our high quality standards right through to the finished product.

Quality characteristics

weather-resistant and long-lasting colour coating of the profiles
The EverPaint powder coating process

is specially adapted to the trittec profiles. It guarantees the long weather resistance of the surfaces.

Detailed view of aluminium profiles for insect screen elements
The SolidProfiles

combine very high stability with extreme lightness due to their stiff wall construction.

High-quality add-on parts and system components
All attachments

and supplementary system components meet the highest quality requirements. It goes without saying that they are all colour-coordinated.

There is always an optimum solution.

Insect screens should be unobtrusive and should not dominate your living style. Therefore, we attach great importance to integrated design combined with the highest level of functionality. Each built-in solution can be individually adapted with the help of our sophisticated trittec system. For that purpose a large variety of combinations is available, leaving no wish unfulfilled. Precise production, fair prices and fast delivery complete our offer.

Combination & options of the trittec system

Possible combinations of shapes for the right insect screen frame

The frame shapes are determined by the respective installation situation. We offer the right solution for each one.

Large selection of colours for the coating of the insect screen profiles

The colours of the frames and accessories can be selected to match your decor.

Suitable protective meshes for insect screen frames
Functional fabrics

We offer a large selection of insect screens depending on the intended function.

Each one is important.

Infographic Cooperation and team spirit at trittec

Jeder Mitarbeiter, von der Produktion über Lieferanten bis hin zu unseren Vertriebspartnern leistet seinen persönlichen Beitrag für Ihren optimalen Insektenschutzrahmen.
Unser Team besteht aus Fachleuten und Handwerkern, die absolute Spezialisten für Ihre jeweilige Aufgabe im Gesamtprozess sind.
Zentraler Mittelpunkt unseres Handelns ist es Freude an dem zu haben, was wir tun.

Visions are the engine of our success.

Visions and dreams are the beginning of every new idea
Your needs are our starting point for new approaches and product innovations. According to the motto: “Can’t stop, won’t stop“ we are constantly developing new ideas for easy to use and easy to maintain insect screen frames.

International presence by means of a network of specialist dealers around the globe


Certified with the Blue Angel
immission-retaining mesh
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