Insect protection for basement light wells

We usually only think about basement light wells when they have to be cleaned. With the trittec light well cover solutions you save time and strenuous cleaning actions, because the surface can very easily be cleaned with a broom, pressure washer or damp cloth. Light and air permeability into your basement rooms are thereby efficiently guaranteed.

Vorteile mit trittec Kellerschachtlösungen

Perfect protection

against leaves & invaders

Simple installation on the grating

lay it over and you’re done.

High tread safety

fully loadable by means of the use of trittec SolidSteel for SECURfix

Individual sizes

by means of made-to-measure production. Optionally it is possible to manufacture a higher upstand. This protects opening areas whose upper edge extends beyond the light well.

Material & colour variety

Choice of hot dip galvanised steel or stainless steel.

Burglar resistant

with the additional safety feature SECUR SuperSafe

Handling and care are child's play

just sweep it and you’re done.

Durable and resistant

thanks to the use of high-quality, hard wearing and weather resistant materials.


This is the light well cover for all standard built-in situation.

The discreet design of the KSA is based on high-quality aluminium frames in which a finely meshed stainless steel fabric is clamped.

The highly resistant stainless steel fabric (0.6 mm thick) is easy to clean and provides reliable protection against all types of dirt such as vermin, leaves, mice and frogs, while maintaining a long service life. It also allows plenty of light and air to enter into your basement light well.

The KSA can be manufactured with an additional upstand that protects window elements whose upper edge extends beyond the light well.

The light and air permeability of the KSA is particularly high when a stainless steel mesh is used.

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is the robust cover with burglary protection.
Secur Kellerschachtabdeckung ohne Aufkantung
Secur Kellerschachtabdeckung mit Aufkantung
SECUR Fix 12

This element has a top element to cover a window protruding over the basement light well cover. The upstand consists of SolidSteel. On request, it can also be manufactured with perforations.

The SECUR models are particularly suitable for high point loads on gratings.

The SECUR fix is able to be walked on and offers additional burglary protection with its first class design. It is made of approx. 1.5 mm thick sheet metal. You have the choice between hot-dip galvanised steel or stainless steel. Only sheets of trittec SolidSteel quality are used, which guarantee increased tread safety and resistance. The Secur fix is mounted on the grating provided by the customer. Additional security is provided by means of security screws. The refined design offers your home a visual upgrade. In addition, your basement light well will remain clean and free of leaves and vermin. Due to its even surface, SECUR Fix can be cleaned easily with a broom, high pressure cleaner or a damp cloth.

Only sheets of trittec SolidSteel quality are used. The size and spacing of the perforations can be individually specified.

Optionally, we supply additional burglary protection with the SECUR SuperSafe upgrade set (left) or the lifting safety device (right).

An optional step protection for retrofitting reduces the risk of slipping.

The penetration of small insects, such as spiders, can be prevented by using a fine insect protection fabric. This can optionally be installed at the factory. It is easy to remove at any time and easy to clean.

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