Insect protection for doors

Whether entrance doors, conservatories or patios – doors serve not only as frequently used passages, but also as large ventilation openings. The best thing is to leave them open for a long time without allowing insects or small animals to pass through. Trittec insect screens for doors do just that. They offer long-lasting solutions for comfort of use, depending on the intended use and requirements of the customer.

Your advantages with trittec door solutions

Stable & durable

Easy to use

Competent advice & installation

Free choice of colours

suitable for your decor
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Free choice of shapes

Which special shapes are possible
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Fabric selection

Fabrics for every requirement
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Hinged doors

The durable and proven insect screen for doors in entrance or patio areas where a sliding door is not possible or desired.
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Hinged door frames are proven solutions for doors that are subject to high loads. Thanks to the trittec SolidProfile, the insect protection hinged doors are highly stable without having to give up the requirement for delicate visual integration. The pressed and at the same time specially bonded corner joints ensure further dimensional stability of the element.
Magnetic strips or magnets and brush seals ensure secure closure

Integrated magnetic strips and brush seals ensure a complete and firm hold, even in stormy weather.

The ergonomic grip bar makes operation easy.

Hinges for fixing the sash to the frame, mounting frame or reveal

Hinges are smooth-running, provide a firm hold and make the hinged door frame segment detachable without tools.

The tread plate integrated in the casement makes operation very easy even without having a hand free.

With the optional door closer, the insect protection door will be automatically closed behind you.

The hinged door is particularly suitable for the installation of a dog or cat flap. This can be installed on request and is charged extra.

Swing doors

The ideal insect screen for doors with high through traffic such as courtyard or patio doors.
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The trittec swing doors open inwards as well as outwards, are equally light as a feather and almost without noise. You can let the children play around in peace, because insects cannot enter. The door closes automatically thanks to the unique spring-closing technology developed by trittec. You don’t even have to have a hand free. This makes operation extremely convenient. The sophisticated and highly stable frame construction enables space-saving installation options for all structural requirements. Disassembly of the door leaf is also easily solved – the insect protection door can be removed in seconds in just a few simple steps.

The maintenance-free closing spring technology automatically returns the door leaf to its original position.

A discreet grip bar makes operation easy.

The hinges are smooth-running, provide a firm hold and make the swing door frame detachable without tools.

A tread plate integrated in the leaf makes operation very easy even without having a hand free.

Sliding doors

The ideal insect screen for doors with large openings.
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The living and dining area is often the focal point of family life. The particularly large door openings to the patio or garden require special protection against unpleasant guests. Whether you do sports or relax watching the sunset – with the trittec sliding door frames you can let the summer air into the house without any worries. The insect protection sliding door systems are a space-saving alternative to side-hung door frames. Thanks to their enormous stability, even very large door openings can be equipped without any problems. Up to six insect protection elements can be lined up to cover even the largest façade fronts. These sliding doors have all the quality features of professional insect protection. The trittec EasyMove technology allows an easy and pleasant smooth opening of the sliding segment. With this system, ball-bearing rollers ensure that the door segments run smoothly and with low wear. The use of ball bearings instead of simple metal pins increases the service life considerably. Should it nevertheless become necessary, rollers and ball bearings can be easily replaced.

Ball bearing track rollers ensure smooth opening or closing.

The colour-coordinated grip bar

or grip plate, depending on the model, ensure easy operability.

The safety catch protects against unintentional removal.

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