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Insect Screens for windows | trittec

Fly screens for windows

Living and working rooms must be properly ventilated throughout the year. In order to ensure efficient air exchange when the window is open, we have developed various installation variants to suit the use and function.

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Free choice of colours

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Insect protection fabrics for every requirement
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Window tenter frames

The versatile and practical insect protection solution for windows.
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Whether you read in the living room or let the evening fade away by candlelight: With trittec window tentering frames you can enjoy your leisure time without worries, because the tentering frame is the ideal solution for windows that are primarily used for ventilation.

The well thought-out system offers flexible application possibilities even with existing external roller shutters or weather protection legs. Windows in special shapes can also be safely equipped with these frame solutions.

The frames are manufactured to fit the respective window solution and guarantee a secure fit. All fasteners are already integrated and usually mounted concealed on the frame. The clamping frames can therefore be attached or removed without the need for tools and are safe to operate.
A brush seal ensures a clean connection to the window frame. The ergonomic handles concealed on the inside allow the insect screen to be operated conveniently over a long period of time.


Spring-suspended angle fasteners make fixing the frame child's play.


The highly stable folding handles make it easy to remove or insert the frame.


Height-adjustable angle fasteners ensure optimum support in the window.

Fensterspannrahmen einhängen

Side-hung windows

The best insect screen for frequently opened windows.
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Side-hung window frames are a convenient and quick solution if you want to open and close your windows completely very often. This is the case, for example, if you want to have access to your flower boxes or simply like to lean out of the window.

The side-hung frames can be opened inwards and can be installed in either the right or left position.
The integrated magnetic strips and brush seals ensure a complete and firm hold, even in stormy weather.

Drehfenster Magnetleiste

The integrated magnetic strips and brush seals ensure a complete and firm hold, even in stormy weather.

Drehfenster Detail Griffschale

The ergonomic grip plate makes operation easy.

Drefenster Drehband

The hinges are smooth-running, provide a firm hold and make the side-hung frame section detachable without tools.

Bedienung Drehfenster

Insect roller screens

The space-saving solution for roof or facade windows.
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Bedrooms are often on the top floor. Proper ventilation is particularly important there to ensure healthy rest. With the trittec insect protection roller blinds you will be on the safe side.

In addition to their typical use on windows, trittec insect protection roller blinds are particularly suitable for use in front of roof windows or façade windows whose casement opens outwards. Depending on the installation situation, the roller blinds can be installed outside the window or inside the room.

The trittec roller blind can be opened seamlessly and can thus be opened either completely or only a gap. Operation is possible from both sides. The optional integrated return brake ensures safe fabric running. The virtually wear-free magnetic closure guarantees a long service life, even with roller blinds that are used frequently.

The integrated maintenance flap allows the complete interior of the roller blind to be removed from the outside for cleaning and maintenance in just a few simple steps. A cumbersome dismantling into individual parts thereby not required.

Insektenschutzrollo mit Montagerahmen

On request, the roller blind can be fitted with a mounting frame profile. This makes it easy to remove in just a few steps.

Rollo detail Griffleiste

The grip bar can be easily positioned at any height as an option.

Wartung des Rollos

The roller blind is easy to clean and maintain when installed.

Bedienung des Rollos
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